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Crisis and accidents are our life’s worst nightmares that can come true anytime, anywhere to anyone. Disasters always strike us out of blue, unannounced and without notifications. An accident can happen in a flash of a second but leaves a scar for a lifetime. It can wreak havoc both financially and emotionally. A loss of life or a partial loss of sight or physical disability is not an easy thing to cope with. We cannot predict what’s going to happen next, but can always plan our future well by buying a Personal accident policy.
A Personal Accident policy assures financial stability in such unfortunate cases and covers death, physical injuries and bodily burns. It helps you cope with the sudden financial burden and also brings your life back on track by providing a strong cover and protection. By buying a personal accident plan, you don’t just invest in a policy but buy peace, safety and security for the entire family.


Accident Protection offers you the security of your future as well as that of your family in case of an unfortunate event or a sudden accident. We make sure your family gets all the desired support in case of such disaster. Individuals or family members become eligible for weekly compensation in case of loss of income caused by disability or death due to an accident.

Accident Protectionalso provides compensation in the case of fractures caused by an accident. For unfortunate cases, where the accident insurance policy holder faces permanent disability, reimbursements are offered for modifications that might be required for the home or vehicle. Family transportation costs are also covered by our Accident Protection’.
If the policyholder or insurer is a student, he or she can be reimbursed for tuition fees following an accidental injury. Also, a daily allowance for hospitalization is provided in the case of an accident. In the most unfortunate cases if a policy holder faces loss of life then the policy has a clause of taking care of all costs up to post-cremation or burial.
This is an ideal plan providing compensation to individuals against disabilities caused by accidents. This plan provides an option of including spouse & dependent children also. The policy provides coverage on a worldwide basis. This is definitely a price worth paying for complete peace of mind.
Benefits of Chola Accident Protection
This plan known as CAPP provides the following additional benefits in addition to basic coverage for Accidental Death, PTD and PPD: Weekly Compensation : Compensation for loss of income due to a disability caused by accident.
Broken Bones : Fixed compensation in the event of fractures or accidental bone damage.
Modification of Residences / Vehicle : In case of permanent total disability, the expenses incurred are reimbursed for modifying residential accommodation or own vehicle.
Family Transportation Benefit Covers : Expenses towards transportation of the family member to the location of the insured in case of accidental death / permanent total disability.
Fee for Private tuition : Compensation towards the tuition fees if the insured is a student and is not able to attend school / college due to an accidental injury.
Hospital Daily Cash : Provides a daily cash allowance for hospitalization due to an accident.
Repatriation of Mortal Remains : from the accident site to hospital, residence or cremation ground. Cost of Cremation Ceremony to perform religious ceremonies up to the time of or post-cremation.
Ambulance charges :Fixed amount will be paid for Ambulance hiring charges following an accident.